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Weekend of pure back breaking labor

This last weekend I couldn’t really afford to do much but do some much needed back breaking labor.   I took the liberty of sizing up my back yard in the house I recently purchased.  Checking out the, what looks to be, garden and fence around it.  The people who owned this house before me built a cinder block retaining wall about eighteen inches tall, with a four foot chain link fence on top of it.  It was poorly constructed.  Some of the posts are not of the same height and the retaining wall was not properly built.  The cinder blocks were just quikrete cemented together.  No mortar between the blocks like there should be.  The back half of the chain link fence isn’t even connected to a poll properly.  It is the most haphazard put together I have ever seen.   I also didn’t realize that the remodel construction used the back corner as a dump spot for all of the concrete and stucco, as well as the chicken wire.

Once I found all of this old construction debris I took the time to dig up as much as possible and get a head start on the remodel of the back yard as a whole.  I used the help of my brother, and we moved as much as we could.  We made a dump run and moved 1000 lbs, a  thousand pounds of concrete building materials, concrete, wire, wood beams, sections of steel.  Just the most off the wall things to find in a section dedicated as a garden.

Once we removed as much as humanly possible Saturday, we took a look at another cinder block planter box near the back porch.  I made the decision that we are going to dig it all out and make it a large Koi Fish pond.  Doing the research has only fueled my lust for a pond that much more.  Here are some photos of the progress.  More to come soon.


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