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Life as a Front-End Engineer

In January of 2012, I decided to take up web design and development as a career.  Taking the necessary steps to get on this track consisted of enrolling at Sacramento City College.  Starting with some CISW classes, I immediately fell  in love.  I took a few more classes and started playing with sites.  A few freelance jobs came and went without a hitch.  It must have been meant to be.

Deciding to completely change career paths at 27 probably wasn’t the best of ideas, but I needed the change.  Moving from retail to a more office oriented lifestyle scared me, but also allowed me to start thinking about life outside of working 60 hours per week.  That thought was enough to convince me that my choice was the right one.

Here I am, almost two years later from my last day in the cycling industry and I am working for one of the coolest and exciting web design firms I can think of.  Ground(ctrl) is a direct-to-fan musician support firm.  I get to work on some of the biggest musicians web pages day in and day out.  I also got to build some from nothing.  I am just over a month in to it and I absolutely love it.  Within this month, I completed my first build for a fairly well known artist and it was such a great way to break me in to their culture and program.

I owe this all to Matt Carney and my lovely GF.  Matt is best buds from…crap….2003 or 2004?  Has it really been that long?  Jesus time flies.  Carney got me in to see the CCO and the CTO and they were willing to take a chance on me and my limited skill.  Teresa, my GF, has supported me ever since I got this wild hair in my ass even though she wanted to be dating a bicycling wizard. HA! tricked her!

Soon I will update my site so that this blog post will directly feed in to my site, but until then here will have to do.

Again, I hope to be doing this more often now that I have the stability of a good employer,

To all, Cheers till nest time.


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